Friday, April 9, 2010

Dreamin' Big Dreams

There's a vulnerability to it, exposure, letting the "world" see you, the real, deep down you. There's a reality to our dreams. A reality that shows our innermost self. A part of us yearning, wanting to break free. To live, to serve, to love and be loved, to give to others in such a way that shakes you to the core.

It's your *passion,* a desire "to do," give more than yourself. A passion that might make you wonder and ask, "How, Lord?" "Me, Lord?"

Allow yourself to dream those big dreams.

"How?" you ask. Don't worry, I've asked it too, am asking it now? Trust not in ourselves, but in a God who is bigger. Trust in the one who wants us to dream those big dreams and then do it. Get away. Hear God. Listen. Listen to HIS Word. Seek Him. Run after Him. Pray and talk to Him. Draw near to God, His Throne of Grace that we (I) might hear His voice. No hesitation, trusting with full assurance of faith and following Christ.

Whatever your "Dreaming Big Dreams" is, trust God, seek Him, Get into His Word. Don't run from those big dreams. He knows the plan and purpose for us. Plans to give us Hope and a future!

So...look around you. Are you living those big dreams? Are there old dreams you've pushed aside in busyness or hidden, any new dreams being born? Give them to God and through it He will make your way.

Just today I received an encouraging email from a friend. Here is part of it that she sent me, "his plans are BEST, exciting, stretching and strengthening (heart, soul, mind and spirit).

(....." I'm dreaming' those big dreams. Learning to have freedom in Christ in those big dreams so HE can show me the way. It is stretching, strengthening, and exciting. Best of is HIS BEST! Kind of exciting don't ya think?"

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