Thursday, May 13, 2010

Still here somewhere on a dirt road

No, I'm not lost. ;) Just traveling, lots of traveling. Whether it's traveling for Mother's Day, traveling the few blocks to go teach my fourth graders, traveling to graduations, moving my brother home for the summer, and everything in-between-I am still here...somewhere on a dirt road (probably) traveling to the next "thing."

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this time of year. By the way, tomorrow is only a half day at school and then we are done for the summer. Yay! I promise I will be returning emails, phone calls, and catching up on the bloggy world soon. I am so looking forward to spending more time on here, really allowing God to show me His plans for this. To create, to inspire, to share Hope! I will see you all soon! Off to the next graduation and it's a GREAT sister is receiving her Master's! Love you sis!
Till then....
Love in HIM, Nicole

P.S. I've been trying my hand at some craft revamps. Lamps, pillows, things like that. Keep looking, I will be posting those soon!

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