Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cows or so you think...

Cows??? You are probably wondering what on earth I am about to share with you. "Is she really going to be writing about cows?" you might be asking yourself that very question right now. Nope. I'm not writing about cows although I did have a conversation about them over Memorial weekend. I took a FAB-U-LOUS, peaceful road trip over Memorial weekend with some good friends. "Why were they talking about cows?" might be your second question. You see, when you get a group of girls in a vehicle for a very long time there is no telling what the conversations might hold. Have you experienced that? Sharing with the girls? Sharing about life, your faith, and all in-between. It was a great weekend full of sharing, shopping, hiking, and good fun.

What did you do for Memorial weekend???

...I will be sharing later this week about our road trip. "Where was it?" you might be asking right now. Well,  I don't like to give away everything at once so here is a clue...

P.S. Don't forget that Gem #2 is coming soon!! When? You'll just have to keep coming back searching for the priceless treasure found only in Christ.

Love in Him from above

Photo credits courtesy of weheartit


  1. road trips are so much fun. you have a lovely blog. :)
    nicole visiting from

  2. Thank you for stopping by Cole! Great name. :) I will definitely take the time to read your blog. Looking forward to it! Please come back and visit.


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