Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Kick'n" it in the *cheap* seats...

OK...enunciation and spelling are VERY important when reading, err...typing. If done improperly, it can lead to an embarrassing yet quite humorous chuckle for oneself. How did I slip you ask?

My mistake in typing, which then led to the wrong pronunciation, provided quite a humorous moment. What is supposed to be the *cheap* seats somehow turned out to be typed as *cheap* sheets. (Insert a good chuckle at myself and a big 'ole WHOOPS!) Rest assure, that is NOT where this is headed NOR ever will. I did, however, have quite the laugh at my own mistake and learned how important editing and enunciation are!

So, what is this really about...?

What seats do you look for when heading out to your local coffee shop? What, in your opinion, is the *VIP* seating? The *cheap* seats? What I've learned hard and fast is the outlets are prime real estate! Those are always the first places to go. Without one...well let's just say it can cause quite a headache or "road block" to other paths if having to resort to stringing your power cord across the aisle. I've also learned that the prime *VIP* placement is where one has a great view of the shop and all the happenings, a great window view, and to make it even better...throw in a great, plush, microfiber chair or round table that you can spread your stuff out on.

So...where am I writing from today? I am "kick'n" it from a high back table in all it's glory, legs dangling at an awkward angle, the glare of the afternoon sun shinning off the screen as I type so it's as if I'm watching a movie. Why is the sun ever so glaring off the screen you ask? Well, it's because I chose. I chose the view of the coffee shop in all its grandeur of decor, interesting conversations, the wonderful aroma of coffee being served over the plush, microfiber chair (currently occupied). I really in the *cheap* seats? Because for someone like me who LOVES the atmosphere of coffee shops, there really is not a bad place in the house when you are doing what you love, where you love.

Where are you "kick'n" it today?

Photo credits courtesy of weheartit

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