Monday, July 26, 2010

Bleached Wheat...Texas Friends...O' Where did the weekend go?

I think that has got to be the longest post title in blog history...
This weekend completely got away from me...
Can anyone else relate?

This weekend was one of surprises, covert operations, and Fun!
Plans got totally switched...
Days ran into nights into mornings...
but it was O so much Fun!

Don't worry...always kid and family friendly here on this blog!
We had some great friends visit from Texas!
Here's a run-down on the happenings...

1. Trip into town ('cuz out here it's Gods' country)
2. Find some really cool finds at some antique shops
3. Bring in a China Hutch scored at a garage sale for my mom
4. Get out some family heirloom china (can I say beautiful!)
5. Get ready to paint her dinning room and kitchen...realize we forgot the paint
6. Texas friends stay the night (mind you it was going to be a one day deal)
7. Next day, meet up with sister and all of us go back into "town."
8. Eat lunch
9. Find some more bargains at the Antique stores (can't wait to show you the mirror I scored)
10. Finally, get paint (called Bleached Wheat) and head home at 10p.m.
11. Begin painting
12. Wait for paint to dry and begin second coat
13. Night has now turned into early morning
14. Get some shut eye, everyone still in town
15. Come back the next day and begin decorating or rather redecorating
16. Realize you're still not done

Where did your weekend go?

photo courtesy of weheartit

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