Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A great cause...

Today I'm coming to you with information supporting a great cause and the handmade market to boot! Reading through my Google Reader I found a post on Little Birdie Secrets that caused me to slow down and think.

The reason...
I have been touched by this story. 
A story of Survival...of cancer in the family...
my family has experienced family members that have gone on to Heaven that we love dearly...
we also celebrate family that is here today and we are truly blessed that we can see them each and every day...and for that I am so THANKFUL to God in heaven!

Little Birdie Secrets blog is a "nest of creative tips, tricks, and tutorials" for the craft-er and blogger alike. They recently posted this post on their site, relay for life-support a great cause. The guest blogger, Cindy, has been touched by Cancer in her family. She is setting up an Etsy shop, Button of Hope, with adorable, handmade, button necklaces, pins, and earrings. All the proceeds from sales will go directly to American Cancer Society in the fight against cancer. I have personally checked out Button of Hope on Etsy and stuff is going fast! If you'd like to support this cause click on shop name above and it will take you right to it. To learn more about Cindy and their story, American Cancer Society-Relay for Life, or Little Birdie Secrets all you have to do is click on their names.

Photo credits courtesy of Little Birdie Secrets

***I have not received payment for this post. I'm a blogger, who loves Jesus, handmade shops, and a great cause***

Blessings from HIM above,

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