Monday, July 5, 2010

I've Been Tagged..

via Cole from Letters from Coco
The game:

Go to the folder in which you store your photos
Select the 8th photo
Post it to your blog and tell the story behind it...
Photo credit SimplyCreatedbyCole

Chicago 2009...a great trip with five other wonderful friends, 
from Church, to the great city of Chicago...
many memories made!

I was also asked the following questions from Cole at Letters from Coco:

1. Name 5 songs from your mixed CD from High School.
This will be hard for me as I don't remember song titles well but artists I goes...
-George Strait
-Boyz II Men
-Any kind of Hip-Hop (ha!)
-MatchBox Twenty

2. What is your favorite board game of all time?
Guess Who... (does that really count as a board game??)
I have so many memories playing that with my mom and sister.

3. What is the strangest thing I have ever done with my hair?
Two words...
Oh Boy, the orange-ness! Again, it was high school...need I say more?

Consider yourself tagged! Yep, all of you! 
Post to your wall your photo and the answers to the above questions...
to let your readers get to know you...

Please leave me a comment or link up below if you play!
I'd love to read your answers!!



  1. what fun random facts! i think using sun-in during high school is a requirement. haha!!

  2. This is such a fun post! I totally remember all the songs from highschool and R and B and hip hop were right up there. I don't listen to that stuff so much anymore. But every phase has its music.

    Sweet blog! I'm now following.

    Rambles with Reese

  3. Thank you for stopping by Heather! Yes, I agree that Sun-In is a requirement. :) I enjoy reading your blog! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Thank you for the sweet comments Reese and for following! Those music choices were definitely a phase thing. :) lol...

    I look forward to reading about your adventures in Italy!



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