Friday, September 3, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action {Mirror, Mirror}

It all started...
{cue lights}
The ole' noggin began a thinkin'...
{cue camera}
Then I found this:

Which of course I had tinted...

in the lovely "coffee" color (no surprise there) ;)

I prepared the mirror and painted the first coat...
(had a sinking gut feeling this may not cooperate, but I kept on)
...never know right?

Painted a few more coats...
letting dry a day in-between each...
(umm....still not so sure, but I'm not a quitter)

Took the painters tape off three days later and here's the result...

Seriously? It's like super thick nail polish that you can peel off in one coat.
No disrespect to the paint company...
Just something went wrong.
Maybe I missed a step?
Maybe it was too hot?
Too humid?
(it did rain a few of those days)
Maybe I had the wrong kind of brush?

Is it trash?
Is it a failure?
Am I just gonna give up on it?

I still believe something beautiful can come out of it...
So, is the story over?
Just a re-write of sorts.
A second chance.
A sequel...

To become something beautiful...

I'll be posting my new ideas for this story on Monday!
Come on over and let me know your vote...
or any DIY hints/tips for brush-on chalkboard paint.

Have a lovely day!

Photos property of Simply Created by Cole

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