Monday, November 1, 2010

November and Baking

Can you believe it is November already?
I can't, the time has gone by so fast.
It feels like just yesterday I was starting the school year with my new students.

I'm still figuring out this whole schedule thing.
Balancing work, home, life, and writing.
The routines seem to change just like the seasons and sports seasons.
A different thing each night.

What I've learned continued to be reminded of...
I don't have to be perfect.
Just be me.

Can I get an amen? :)

I look forward to this season...
pumpkins, spices, cozy blankets, hoodies, scarves, and baking!

Remember this scrumptious beauty?

this week I am going to share an awesome recipe that...
will allow you to enjoy homemade, fresh pie...
long after the orchards are closed for the winter.

To help you prepare and make the recipe along with me this week...
here is what you will need...

*4 quarts of peeled, sliced fresh peaches or about 20-25 medium peaches
* sugar
*  Ultra Gel
* lemon juice
*disposable pie tins (I used 4)
* foil
*gallon freezer zip-lock bags

This may seem like a lot of work BUT...
it is seriously the greatest thing next to chocolate & peanut butter combined.

So. Grab your stuff. 
And meet me back here this week.
Not only do I have a scrumptious, beauty of a pie planned but some other...
Simply Created, Simply Beautiful things as well.

Have a Lovely Day,

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