Thursday, November 18, 2010

a teaching moment...

The nurse at the Doctor's office...
A woman in the shop...
The Technician at the hospital...
I could keep going.

Each and everyone being used by God to place on my heart kindness...

Kindness that is selfless, humble, a service.
Kindness that is a choice.
Kindness that has nothing whatsoever to do with me,
or how I feel,
or what I think.

But an opportunity.

An opportunity to speak kindness back to someone who is having a bad day.
Hearing wisdom spoken at the table next to you about kindness from someone you don't even know.
Showing kindness to someone who needs a listening ear, a complete stranger.

All of it a choice....

A choice to focus on self.
A choice to focus on another.

To "lay down" so-to-speak one's own agendas, thoughts, feelings, and serve another.
To humble oneself and trust in the God that loves and shows kindness to me.
A choice.
Today, I'm going to thank God for these opportunities.
Opportunities to learn and grow.
Thank Him for the hard times and the easy.
 Have a Lovely Day,

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