Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stop & enjoy the truffles {Thoughtful on a Tuesday}

While waiting in-between Dr. appointments.
I spent some time at one of my favorite, little coffee shops.
Sitting on the counter were some oh, so scrumptious, rich, dreamy truffles...
just begging for me to try one.

Alas, I did not...
knowing that if I did, I would pay major.

Not in the jeans expanding or wallet shrinking type of way but...
in a real major pain kind of way. 
{Hence, a really, angry gallbladder}

There was a sweet, older couple that came in...
ordered their coffee...
saw the truffles...
and literally said, "Oh, why not?"

They carefully looked through all the delicious truffles,
asking questions about each one,
and finally choose one.
{I am certain they're enjoying eating it as much as the experience of discovering them.}

But, to see the look of joy...
eyes bright...
a wonder in their tone of voice.
It got me to thinking...

How often do I stop and enjoy the truffles of life?

When things get busy, "hairy," waiting on tests to come in, laundry piling up, a gazillion things "to do.
How often do I truly take the time to sit back and enjoy the truffles in life?
To take time, a moment, to enjoy...

*The sunset
*Birds perched atop a brick building
*The stillness of the morning as I step outside to head to work
*The chocolate goodness of truffles in a coffee shop

Life is constant...
Constantly moving, constantly changing, ever throwing things at each of us.
But God promises a peace.
A peace in His will for our lives.
{Isa. 55:12}
A peace in His presence where He calls us to...

Be Still and know He is God.
{Psalm 46:10}

Think about...
a truffle...
so small,
so sweet,
but a sweet, moment of joy it brings!

What are the truffles in your life?

Have a Lovely Day,

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