Sunday, December 5, 2010

Simply Created {Christmas} Vases

I'm excited to show you something today...
A super quick...
super simple...
Christmas decor idea...
that won't break the bank!

Simply Created {Christmas} Vases

I first created the vases here...
1. Very quick.
2. Very economical.
3. And, only took three items to make...vase, stand, and gorilla glue.

But...I wanted to go from this...

To something more Christmas-y...
Like this...

A simple filler of pine cones, a white candle, and Epsom Salt.
Yep, that's right.
The pretty white stuff that looks like snow is Epsom Salt.
Look Closer...

 I filled two vases with Epsom Salt and just put the Pine Cones on top...
no method, just put them in.

Then, I poured more Epsom Salt into the third vase.
To get the effect on the candle...
I brushed some Mod Podge onto the candle and rolled the candle in the Epsom Salt.

 Simply Created {Christmas}Vases...
sitting on a sweet, green runner crocheted by my friend Rachel.
I already had everything but the Epsom Salt and that was $2.00 and some change, which...
I can put into a Zip-lock bag and save it for another time.

Inspiration came from:
for the vase tutorial
Mellisa at The Inspired Room and her, "How to Make a Jingle Bell Jar (and Other Mason Jar Crafts)  

I'll be linking up with The Girl Creative and Just Something I Whipped UpI'm also at Skip to My Lou "Made By You Monday,"  and Dana at Saturday Mornings All On a Dime and her Strut Your Stuff Link Party. It's a great community of craft and handmade artists.

Thank You also to Elizabeth at Sew Chatty for the opportunity to join her, "Made With Love Monday's."
Thanks Elizabeth! 

*I truly love finding new inspiration, great blogs, and great peeps! 

Have a Lovely, Created,


The Girl Creative


  1. I did something similar but just using different Christmas balls. I'll post pics soon.

  2. So simple and clean looking! Great job! I would love for you to come visit me at Sew Chatty and link up to Made with Love Monday!

  3. Hi Lara! I can't wait to see your pictures. Your family has been in my prayers! I love reading your posts and seeing how God is moving.


  4. Thank you Elizabeth for the kind comments. I've linked up to your Made with Love Monday. Thank you for the invite!



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