Thursday, January 27, 2011

{Craft Tutorial}: The "un-cupcake"

Here is a super easy craft to do for Valentine's.
The great thing that I realized after doing it though...
is that there are so many other uses than just Valentine's for this craft.
{I'll reveal those at the end of this post.}

First, you need your supplies:
*Styrofoam cone
{Got mine for $1 at Dollar Tree}
*Any cupcake fillers of your choice
{Mine are from last year's clearance sale at HL}
*Glue Gun/Glue or a strong glue adhesive
*Scrap felt, fabric, or paper

Next, fold your cupcake liners in half and then half again.
{The more times you fold it, the more poof-y it will be.}

After that, begin to glue your cupcake liners onto your Styrofoam cone.
{You can glue them as close as you want, and as many times as you want on each row.}

{I first pinned these three to make sure I like how far apart I glued them.}

Continue to glue your cupcake fillers all the way to the top of the cone.

Once you reach the top of the cone, you will have a small space to cover. 

{I choose to cover mine with a felt flower. You could also use fabric or paper.}

The finished project is this!
A chic, little bit "messy," and cute Valentine's "Un-Cupcake."

This would look great sitting on a shelf, counter, or coffee table with some other Valentine's decor.
It would also look fantastic as a table center piece for a Birthday party, supper with the girls, or a baby shower.

You can change the look by changing the:
medium used for the cone (cupcake fillers, fabric, scrapbook paper, yarn),
{I was inspired by The Nester and her Coffee Filter Tree.}
and the topper you decide to use.

Possibilities are endless!

What have you recently created?
I'd love to see!

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Have a Beautiful,
Simply Created,

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  1. Super Cute ! Tahnks for sharing this how to, great pictures I am going to do this project with my granddaughter


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