Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What?? No cupcakes....

Hi there...
How is your week going?
We are full speed here with...
basketball games, getting ready for assessments, and grace filled moments of daily life.

Last week...
I thought I would make a Valentine's banner,
and well...
that flopped in a tangled mess of hearts, paper, and thread.
{I've got to practice sewing more on paper.}

then I thought....
I've got loads of cupcake fillers.

here's a sneak peak of what I came up with!

I Love it.
It's chic, a little *messy*, and whole lot of cute!

I was going to take it to my classroom as part of our Valentine's decorations...
I think it might just stay here.

I can always make another one, right?

It's a super simple, easy craft.

If you would like to try one with me, I'll be posting the "How-To" later this week.
Until then...

Here is what you need:

*Styrofoam cone
{Got mine for $1 at Dollar Tree}
*Any cupcake fillers of your choice
{Mine are from last year's clearance sale at HL}
*Glue Gun/Glue or a strong glue adhesive
*Scrap felt, fabric, or paper


  1. I will be looking forward to the next post.
    Looking super cute so far.

  2. Thank you Rosanne! If only I could eat these cupcakes! ;)


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