Monday, February 21, 2011

In the Stillness...{Thoughtful on a Tuesday}

I hope you are having a beautiful day!
I have so much I want to do, create, and share with you, but I've been fighting some gall bladder and kidney issues. {Not major serious, but enough to make it hard.}

Would you mind joining me in prayer for healing and provision to take care of what needs to be?
Thank you so very much...

I previously wrote this post a few weeks ago during a snow storm. It was in the stillness and quiet that God spoke so loudly. 

We don't have any snow right now, but it is...
cold enough for coats in the morning.

The wind howls, branches scrape the side of the house. Blowing, icy, snow whips through the air threatening to take the breath of everything it touches. Moonlight bounces off the ice covered trees. Bitter cold continually tries to creep in.

Power out.
Not a sound.

Flames of candles dance across the room in splashes of light.

At peace... the shelter of my home, in the warmth of my comforter.

God Speaks...

In the stillness, the quiet, He is there.
In the cold, the wind, He prevails.

God Speaks...

...of His peace in the storm.
...of light shined in the darkness.
...of love and warmth in the cold.

You can not escape it...
...His Presence.

You can not deny it...
...His Love.


In the stillness He is there.

"Be still and know that I am God."
{Psalm 46:10}

It is in the power of the storm...
...God speaks loudest in a quiet voice.

Whatever your storm may be.
Whatever "cold" threatens to creep in.

...shinning light for you to see.

How does God speak to you?

Lovely Wishes for a Beautiful Day!


  1. Beautiful!!! I'm praying for ya, hun

  2. Love the photo with the heart garland...

    Being still is easier said than done... but such a blessing when I can quiet myself enough to actually "know that I am God."

    great post!


  3. Thank you for your prayers Rachy! That means a lot. :0)

  4. Thank you TH! It is hard to be still sometimes. It took a snow storm and power outage to slow me down. ;) Have a great day!


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