Monday, February 14, 2011

Lisa Leonard inspired {Heart Art}

Have you met Lisa Leonard?

Lisa often posts beautiful crafts on her blog.
I was inspired by her paint + glitter art.
{Thank You Lisa!}

With a few changes...
Here is what I came up with.
{Want a sneak peek? Go to this post on Love.}

Glitter {Already had.}
A board or canvas 
{This board came from the dollar store, I liked the raised middle and tan edges.}
Glue, yeah, you don't need this...don't know why it is in the picture.
Paint and brush {Already had.}

* I put my board on a sack to project the surface of my ironing board.
{Yep, I said ironing board. :0) It was where the best light was.}
*Paint your board or canvas.
(I piled on the paint for texture and left the edges raw and messy.)
*Place your heart cutout on the wet paint.
*Sprinkle glitter over the edges.
*Carefully remove the paper heart and you have.....

... Heart Art.

I choose brown and red since my kitchen is in those colors.
It can stay up past Valentines and still look in place.

What have you created for Valentine's Day?
Do you like to craft?

Have a LOVEly Day,

Come back throughout the day today for...
little words and inspiration for Valentine's.

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