Friday, February 4, 2011

Some Friday Fun...

Let's have some fun today...
I got this idea from Rachy {Thank You!}

Here are 15 fun facts to get to know me better.
In no particular order...

1.) I cannot carry a tune but worship and singing are one of my favorite things to do while driving or cleaning my house.

2.) My sister, brother, and I loved to chase storms when we were younger.
{We still love to watch them.}

  3.)I Love handmade and supporting handmade shops.

4.) I have been a KU Basketball fan since grade school thanks to my mom!

I can pick up just about any dance steps/moves after watching it once.

6.) I love Diet Coke and Mocha's.

  7.) I am a planner, organizer, clutter-less person (maybe to a fault).

8.) I love to travel and would like to be able to do more.

9.)Love to sew.

10.) I am a book nerd and love to write.

11.)  I have had knee surgery on both knees. Both due to sports.

12.) My favorite stores are Target and Old Navy.

13.) I may seem quiet and shy, ha! Once I get to know someone real well then I can't shut-up.

14.) I crack the corniest jokes around. 

  15.) I hear way more and catch on to more than what people realize. 
{It's supersonic hearing from being a teacher. ;0)} 

And...1 extra.
I love God.

  What are some fun (family friendly please) facts about you???

   Have a Lovely Day,

P.S. Have you seen these Valentine's Tutorials?
It's around the corner...


  1. Thanks for sharing,
    dancing is something I would love to try,
    traveling is something I enjoy as well,
    and my husband just left for Nicarugua this morning on a sports ministry.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Hi Rosanne! Where have you had the opportunity to travel?!? It is something I enjoy and if I could do more of it I would. Wow, Nicarugua! That is awesome! Which sports ministry is it? Do you have the opportunity to travel with?
    Have a great weekend as well!



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