Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Counting Gifts:: {Thoughtful on a Tuesday}

I've been reading a wonderful book.
A book that is...
...stretching me...
...growing me...
...covering me in Grace...

I am reading Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts and it is reaching the depths of my heart...
the depths of my soul.

Learning to see the beauty, give thanks, and receive the Joy...
in all things...
the ugly and the beautiful.

As I read this book and allow it to sink in...
I am finding myself looking for the beauty...

~Unexpected frost over everything.
~Loving truth (God's truth) sent in an email from a close friend.
~Bunny in the yard.
~Supper shared with friends.
~Ancient Words.
~Playing "kitchen" in the Church nursery with the children.
~Light shinning through the coffee shop window.
~God revealing to me a hard truth.
~Hearing the bird's song on my way to Church.
~Rooster in ditch.
~Calf leaping to feed truck.
~A supper shared with my mom.

All beauty...
All thanks...
All joy...

What gifts have you been given lately?

Have a Beautiful Day!
 {Simply sharing a beautiful thing. There was no monetary or gifts exchanged for this post.}


  1. Life is so good. God shows himself to us in so many ways through the blooming flowers and the ashes. He is awesome!

  2. Hi Natasha! God is awesome. I've definitely seen Him through the beauty of nature. How are you friend?

  3. good morning! congrats on being one of the new 10 on faith blogs! i love faith blogs because i love finding women of faith. happy to meet you ; ).

    anyhoo, i've heard nothing of great things about that book and it's been on my list of things to buy so that i can start reading it. maybe this weekend.

    have a loveLee saturday!


  4. I found you through Faith Blogs, congrats on making the top 10 this week!I have reserved this book from the library and can't wait to get it in and start reading it!

  5. Thank You Alely! Great to meet you too! The book is so good. Let me know what you think, or what stands out to you. You will love it!

  6. Thank You Michelle! I was very surprise, excited, and humbled. You are going to love the book! Let me know what you think.


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