Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello Monday... {Some news!}

Hello Monday and hello friends!
This weekend was full of mom and sister bonding over my sister's knee surgery.
{She is a trooper and doing well.}
Thank you for your prayers!

 ...Time spent with friends watching some March Madness basketball.
{Sadly, the team we were rooting for is out.}

I have a new Spring{y} DIY craft in the works...
{Post to come soon!}

I also found out some exciting news about this here...
Journey of Creations, Life, and the Hope of God.
{I can't wait to share!}
To God be the Glory!

My sweet friend, Amber, from My Simply Sweet Life as my Best Friends Wife...
passed along an award I can't wait to share as well.
{Thank You Amber!}

I am so thankful for each of you...
the community,
the conversations,
the friendships made.

As you start your day,

And, I will see you soon for our next DIY Spring{y} Craft and some inspiration!

Have a Lovely Day!

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