Monday, April 18, 2011

Cloth Placemats, Yellow, and Spring {DIY}

  What happens when one is craving some yellow and brightness in their home...
Doesn't want to break the bank...
Takes a trip to Target?

Sees this placemat...
looks closely at the seams...
realizes it is two pieces sewn together?

This happens...
A placemat stuffed with batting and then sewn closed.
Look closer...
I love the yellow, stitched flowers!
The design reminds me of the bright, flower pillows my grandma used to have on her couch.

Want the story on the pillow behind it?

What color are you craving right now?
How have you incorporated it into your home?
 Have a Lovely,
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  1. I am so into yellow right now, maybe because it is a reminder that summer is coming.

  2. I've been DYING to try this. For one who doesn't really sew - this seems simple enough for me to try. Now I just need to find a nice aqua blue color...

    Thanks for sharing!
    (I'm a new follower, by the way!)


  3. I'm loving too Rosanne! I can't wait for summer!! Have a great day friend.

  4. Hi Jessa! Welcome to the community. :0) Aqua blue would be so pretty. It was fairly easy to do. The longest part was ripping out part of the seems because they were so small, but the rest was very quick. I even thought about hot gluing the opening shut. Let me know if you try it.

  5. Haha!! I LOVE this pillow and everytime I go to Target I drool over this placemat. I actually made a pillow from one of their clearance placemats. Haven't sewn it shut yet, but its stuffed!!

  6. Hi Elise! I love this placemat err...pillow too! :0) It didn't quite match my kitchen as a placemat but it was perfect for my living room! I'd love to see your pillow when you are done.

  7. okay. okay. you are SO smart and i absolutely love, love, love these!!

  8. I love that placemat! It looks even better as a pillow. When I tried the placemat to pillow thing, I did it the more expensive way and sewed 2 together rather than putting stuffing in between the layers of one placemat. I need to try this again and do it the right way. Haha :)

  9. HI Lauren,how are you? I love it as a's very happy! Let me know when/if you make another one. Happy Easter!


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