Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hesston Barn Sale {Pretty Eye Candy}

Boy Oh  Boy!
Do I have some Pretty Eye Candy for you...

Remember the trip that I talked about yesterday that was...

I met some talented and amazing women...
all connected by blogging and the handmade world.
I just love when that happens!

I was so nervous at first...
and several of you know that I can get really quiet when I'm nervous.
that passed quickly because these three ladies made me feel at home. {Thank you}

I had seen Beki post about the Hesston Barn Sale and I knew that I could make it.
{Enter Fun Road Trip!}

How did I meet Beki you ask?
Well, I had found her blog through another blog which...
led me to her cute shop...

through modern media/technology...
we exchanged information about the sale...
and I said I'd be there.

When I arrived, I pulled up to a cute farmstead with an amazing red barn that...
reminded me much of the one my late Grandpa H. had on his farm.
There were cute shops lining their drive.

Everything from...
vintage finds,
handmade sewing,
handmade woodworking,
beautiful jewelery that was handmade,
and more!

~A beautiful, vintage find...a book of flower prints for $3.00~
This may just become part of my next DIY.
{If you were there and remember the name of the vintage finds please let me know...
I'd love to give a shout out.}

~Beautiful, yellow, happy "Pray" wall art by Amy D.~
{P.S. She had one that said, {Create}, that I wished I would've gotten too.}

~ A beautiful necklace by Beki from The Rusted Chain.~
Perfectly named, "Antique Elegance."
{Love it!}

~Yellow, verse, plaque with a verse that I love on it.~
 {I put it right by my door as a reminder when I head out for the day.
Again, if you know the name of those that sold this, please let me know, thanks!}

All in all...
it was a wonderful day of supporting the handmade market 
meeting some great new friends that I hope to see again soon {maybe October} ;0).

I know I am forgetting a few names, please forgive me.

If you could choose one word for inspiration what would it be and why?

Have a Wonderful Day,

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  1. Love the plaque. That is my and Colin's favorite verse.


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