Sunday, May 1, 2011

Not too late....{DIY recap}

Hi there!
How was your weekend?
I had a wonderful time with friends and Church family...

...sharing {our lives}
...dreaming {big dreams}
...planning {some fun things}

I have been in the Spring mood so much lately.
I love the green of the fields coming to be,
the vibrant blue sky,
and the flowers popping up everywhere!

{Yep, I love nature!}

In celebration of Spring and all things news...
I want to share with you some:
Simply Created by Cole,
DIY crafts

{Just click on the links.}

Cloth Placemats, Yellow, and Spring {DIY}


DIY Spring{y} Burlap.....???


DIY Spring{y} Recycled Sweater

DIY Spring{y} Organization

What is your favorite Spring decorating tip or design?

Have a Lovely Day,

Tomorrow......{Thoughtful on a Tuesday}.
A Clue: "wings"

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