Tuesday, May 24, 2011

{Right where I am...}

I've been reading the devotional book, "Jesus Calling," by Sarah Young...
and each and every time I read it...
God meets me right where I am.

Yesterday's devotional stuck with me...
I'd like to share with you a few words from it.

"Approach each new day with desire to find me. Before you get out of bed, I have already been working to prepare the path that will get you through this day."

Do I really begin/approach each new day with a desire to find Him?
How often do I let the daily routine of life come before my time with Him?
Is my one, true, desire to live fully for Him, not for the approval of man?

"There are hidden treasures strategically placed along the way. Some of the treasures are trials, designed to shake you free from earth-shackles. Others are blessings that reveal My Presence: sunshine, flowers, birds, friendships, answered prayer."

Do I see the trials of this life as blessings?
How do I count the blessings He has given?

{Colossians 2:2-3; Isaiah 33:6}

Words from a devotional, from God's Word, to reach us right where we are.
Questions to think upon, pray upon, to grow from.
{I'm gonna go grab a cup of coffee and sit some more with these verses/words. Will you join me?}

Do you have a favorite devotional?
What questions is God asking you?


P.S. I hope you'll join this journey tomorrow. I've got something {in}couraging to share with you.

* I was not paid for the mention of this devotional. It is just my honest opinion and wanting to share.*


  1. Visiting from InCourage. Jesus Calling is my all-time favorite devotional and I've given it as gifts more times than I can count! It does meet us right where we are, doesn't it?
    Loved your Looking Over Fences piece. Whoa. I am guilty. Very hard where we live, but I am so thankful for my hubby always helping me to re-focus on Christ, our goals, God's plan for US.

  2. Hi Amanda! Thank you for visiting and your kind words. I love the devo. too! A friend was reading it and would often read me some of the passages, so I decided to get one I could read every day. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the writing...it was on my heart strongly, I believe God needed to remind me of it too. Have a wonderful day! Cole


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