Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekend Thoughts...{Weekend Plans and blog news}

Happy Saturday!
I hope each of you are having a wonderful weekend where-ever you are. 
This weekend started off with a hike...

A group of rock formations out in the middle of a field, in the middle of nowhere.
For perspective of how tall they are here are some other pictures...

"It doesn't look "that" steep..."
not until you start climbing up.

A friend, sister in Christ, and traveling sister, Rachel...

It was nice...
to be outside,
to see God's handiwork,
to get away.

Walking through the formations I was stopped by the way the sun just
burst off the rocks...

This would be my attempt at a sun-burst photo opp.

The rest of the weekend I'll be working in my yard,
spending time with my brother,
remembering the memories of my late grandpa,
planning some FUN with my best friend from college,
and I'm hoping some crafting.

{It's been awhile since I have had time to craft and I'm looking forward to it.}

What are your plans for Memorial Weekend?

Before I forget...
have you noticed?!?!....

I now have a blog button over there on the right side bar ---------->
{squeal, happy dance}
Please feel free to copy the code and paste onto your blog or blog/shop.
I love this community and having you a part of it.
It wouldn't be the same without you.

You can also sign up to receive blog posts into your email in-box.
{Just scroll up to find the blog button and email box.}

Speaking of community...
Hopefully our Google Friend Connect will be fixed soon.
I've sent a message to blogger, but no reply yet.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
I'm gonna head back outside and work some more on the yard.



  1. These rock formations and photos are stunning Cole! It must have been an awesome hike!

  2. Thanks Reese! It was a fun and very hot hike. :)


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