Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello there...
How is your week going?

We enjoyed a great Father's Day this past weekend.
It started with our annual Church picnic at the zoo.
I just love being outside and worshiping God in song and truth.

I then headed to my parents to join my family in just being.
...enjoying some scrumptious BBQ by my grill master dad...
...mother/daughters talk...
...catching up with my brother and dad...
an impromptu water fight.

It started out innocent enough.
My sister pouring her bottle of water over my head as she walks by...
Her thinking I would not chase her,
down the street,
in flip-flops,
only to get her back with my bottle of water.
{free entertainment for the neighbors right?}

But it did not end there...
Me standing in the back door of my parents house,
{with a large container of water}
Waiting for her to come around the corner of the house...

But this is where it gets good...
She had grabbed a large cup from somewhere outside,
filled it up with the garden hose,
and wait for it...

We both came around the corner of the house and...
we were both soaked.
Like, wring your clothes out soaked.

It was all in good fun.
Something her and I have not done for awhile.
Just reliving our childhood days of water fights.
the rest of the family managed to stay dry. ;0)

What did you do this weekend?!

I'll see you tomorrow afternoon for What I love Wednesday!

{Pictures are courtesy of my sister and our parent's backyard. It is a beautiful backyard...I might just have to give you a tour soon...}


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