Friday, June 17, 2011

{Finger Print Friday}

Hi there!
How is your week? Are you ready for the weekend?
It has been a H.O.T. week here!
As in...
I am just so glad that were I live we don't have the humidity.

while driving to celebrate a friend's birthday a random, summer storm blew-up.
I may or may not have seen several gust-natos & the beginning of a huge tornado that quickly died out.
{ was the one day I don't take my camera....gosh.}

But, as I was thinking today of what to write for today's Finger Print Friday I realized...
that I see God's work most often in nature.
And, the random storm/shower of last night reminded me of one that we had in 2009.

It was one where yes, our town, does go out and watch the storm, but this time our local
fire department actually drove through town telling us to be ready to take cover.
We do have tornado sirens, but I don't remember them ever going off.
And where was I???

Yep! You guessed it...outside watching.
The clouds that day were eerily, awesome.
Something that only God could paint.

So, I ran in. Grabbed a camera and this is what resulted.
Note...the only changes to the photo is me adding my watermark. 
That is it.
No editing. No color changing. Nothing.

Big storm moving in from the West.
The large storm from the west meeting with the one from the east.
I could not believe what I saw.
We were speechless standing on the porch. 

To God Be the Glory!

{The storms ended up passing us that night. We had some hail, strong winds, and lightning.}

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Have a Lovely Day,


  1. Cole your photography is amazing of the clouds! What part of the country are you in? I was just introduced to your blog by Miss Wisabus...she has great taste!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Pam, Thank you for the kind words. I live in Western KS. And you? Miss Wisabus is great isn't she! So glad we could connect and I hope to see you again!
    Blessings, Cole

  4. I am from California but have traveled to New Mexico often where they also have amazing clouds. I figured you must be from some where other then California! : ) We don't get those type of clouds where I live.
    Blessings to you...

  5. I love New Mexico and they do have some amazing clouds. Their afternoon showers are so relaxing. I hope to someday *soon* visit California. Blessings to you Pam!


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