Friday, June 10, 2011

Finger Prints of God {friends}

This past week I went to visit my best friend from college.
It was a wonderful, full week of hanging out and catching up on life.
All through the trip I was reminded of God's goodness in many ways...

* A double check of my tires and realizing one was completely bald before hitting the hot, summer road.
{Two, new tires were found.}

* Morning walks with my friend and her two cutie-cute children.

*Meeting new and seeing old friends at play group and blast ball games.

* Being a part of a really encouraging, solid Bible study.

* Sharing dreams, hopes, prayer.

* Putting together a puzzle with "O."

* Concerts in the park, a morning race, cake pops.

* Sharing in life with a friend and her family.

{Thank You for having me!!}

Where have you seen the fingerprints of God lately?

 Today I'm linking up with Beki and Fingerprint Friday....
Come on over!

Have a Beautiful day,

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