Monday, June 27, 2011

{What makes life lovely?}

Happy Monday to you!

I want to share with you what has made life lovely recently.
This past Friday some friends and I took a day trip to the city.
I say city because we are from small towns.

So small in fact...
we don't have much in the way of...
sights to see,
places to hang out,
or cool places to shop.

we loaded up the car, grabbed some daylight doughnuts and hit the road for a very long,
but very fun day!

We did some shopping.
Just a little...

But most of our time was spent seeing the sights in this "big" city.

Our first stop of sight seeing...

A beautiful flower garden.
This place was B.I.G.
As in I would hate to be the one to have to mow or weed this place even though I enjoy those things.

It had...
waterfalls, rose gardens, fountains, a butterfly pavilion, a hidden forest, a bazillion flowers, and much more.
So much Lovely...
So much Inspiration...

Our second sight seeing stop was here...

Some local history.
Mix in some water, wildlife, some fire, a beautiful sunset, and your set to go!

I'm curious...

What makes life lovely to you?

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