Monday, July 11, 2011

{Garden Tour}

Today I am happy to give you a tour...
A way that my parents Make Life Lovely...
for themselves and for others.

My parents have loved to garden and landscape ever since I could remember.
{I actually remember helping dig the post holes for their fence when I was younger.}
I love to garden and landscape too, but I don't do much because I currently rent.

Which makes the visit to my family all the more sweeter.

Enjoy the tour!
In addition to flowers and plants, they also love to include things that have meaning to them.

Some things are from our old, family farm.
Others things thrift-ed through the years.
it is hand-made by my parents' hands themselves.

A Chiminea, Coy pond, and flower gardens add depth and warmth.

It is so peaceful there...
My dad loves to grill and just recently my sister added some hanging lights to one of the trees.

I can't wait until our next cook-out!

Thanks for joining me on this tour and a peek at what makes: 



  1. i can't get enough of old splintery wood & rusted metal objects from generations past. when i have a yard of my own, i hope it has special finds like this too!

  2. I love the old and rustic look too. :)


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