Thursday, July 28, 2011

Inspiration Workshop {Week 9}:The Beach

Welcome to another Inspiration Workshop with Gussy Sews!
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Here is this week's prompt from the fabulous Maggie of Gussy Sews:

In honor of my little vacay, this week's prompt is THE BEACH. I love spending time at THE BEACH... Here are some of my favorite beach "things": watching Bauer splash in the water, digging my toes in the sand, catching some rays. A visit to the beach is one way I recharge my batteries after a long week at work, and fortunately here in Minnesota {the land of 10,000 lakes} beaches are aplenty. Yeow! What inspires you about THE BEACH? Have you recently taken a beach vacation? Or do you dream of a day on THE BEACH? Or maybe you enjoy "coastal" {beach} decor?

I am a Kansas girl,
a land-locked,
field surrounded,
sun a blazing,
Kansas girl.

Which translates into...

I haven't been very many places outside of the four-corner states.
That is until,
these past few years where God has opened some big doors for travel.

That is where this week's prompt, the beach, comes in.
My best friend from college invited me to travel with her and her family a
few years ago to North Carolina. {They were headed to see family.}

I was so excited to travel with my bestie and share new experiences with them!
This trip was my first "real" beach trip and some other firsts you'll see soon.

There were many laughs, my detours, many hours of hanging out with others.
I have left out pictures of us out of respect for her and her family {she's got little ones}.

Our destination:

  The first part of the trip:

Fly out of Kansas City.
This was my first commercial airplane ride ever!
I was so nervous but giddy.
Seems the lady next to me picked up on it and preceeded to give me tips the entire way,
make me look out the window {which I did love}, and squeezed my hand w/out permission.
{That would be where I learned quickly why people brought books to read.}

We stayed with my friend's relatives.
They were so gracious and welcoming.
It was like talking to friends I hadn't seen in a long time.
We also visited Myrtle beach and this was my first time standing in the Ocean.
The waters of this beach may or may not have kicked my behind 3 times in a row and several people in the group may or may not have lost sunglasses in the waves. 
{I call it roll w/out the tuck while trying to hold your breath and fighting currents.}

Second Part of the Trip:

We traveled to Wilmington, North Carolina.
I Loved it!
It was so beautiful and nice.

We spent several of our beach days on the Wrightsville Beach.
The waters here were so much calmer and the sand was beautiful.
We spent our time playing in the ocean, collecting shells, and chatting about life.
This trip was full of memories and those that make life special.
To me when I hear the word "beach," I always think of this trip.
{P.S. I really hope I can make it back someday!}

I am so thankful to my friend for asking me to be apart of 
her and her familys' life. 

Have you ever been to the beach?
If so, I'd love to hear your story.

Thank You Gussy for hosting and helping me to share these wonderful memories!

Have a Beautiful Day,

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. good had me at beach...come on over and visit my blog...we have a beach house that we stay in all summer....I think you'll like it....Mariaelena

  2. This sounds like a lovely vacation! I love the shot of those lounge chairs on the sand :) Stopping by from Gussy!

  3. Stopping over from Gussy Sews...I LOVE Wilmington and the Wrightsville Beach area. Your pictures are great!!

  4. I'm so glad you were able to take that trip! I live two hours north of Wilmington and love NC beaches. :-) Such a wonderful place to experience!

  5. I love going to the beach. We have lots of lakes here in MN, but there's something special about going to the ocean. I was blessed to grow up with relatives on the east coast as well as FL, so it meant lots of trips to the beach for me.

  6. Your photo's are awesome. I like the beach in little snippets. Because I tend to sunburn easily it hinders truly enjoying time out in the sand. I feel closer to Father when I'm looking at the ocean, its vastness. It's nice to take a trip and find Him there.

  7. Hi Mariaelena! A beach house sounds so wonderful right now. We've been in triple digits weather wise for weeks. Blessings, Cole

  8. Hi Sarah! It was a fun and relaxing vacation. Definitely one that I won't soon forget. Blessings, Cole

  9. Hi April! Do you live in the Wrightsville area? I couldn't believe how beautiful it was there. I loved every minute of it! Blessings, Cole

  10. Hi Melissa! Oh, how wonderful it would be to live there!! I want to go back. :)
    Blessings, Cole

  11. Hi Cate! Ok, I just have to say your name "wild ruffle" is so cute. I love it! Florida {the Keys} would be another place I would love to visit. Enjoy your summer beach days!
    Blessings, Cole

  12. Hi Heather!!! Thank you for the comment love. :) I love the beach so much. I'm not one for getting in the water much. But, I too, love to look at God's creation and just marvel in it. Especially, beautiful nature shots.
    Have a great day friend!

  13. Hi Liz! It was a very fun trip. :) I hope to make it back some day soon. Blessings, Cole


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