Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Love Unexplainable...{Thoughtful on a Tuesday}

This past Sunday our Sunday school leader asked us the question,
"When have you felt the presence of God."

Immediately my mind went back to that college day in the fall of 2000...
I had just joined a group called the Navigators,
where I was invited to a women's retreat where...
I. knew. no. one.

Not even one person.

An hour before they were supposed to leave I dialed the leader who had invited me and said,
"I want to go. I need to go."

Within in 15 minutes...
I was packed,
A friend of the leader's (again who I did not know) dropped off a sleeping bag I could borrow,
And we were on the road.

So totally out of character for me (at the time),
especially for a 2 hour car ride and a weekend spent with girls I did not know.

I went, I listened, I met some wonderful friends who are still friends to this day.
But, it is the next morning that life changed...

I woke up before sunrise and found myself making my way to the downstairs great room.
It opened out onto a beautiful lake.
No one to be around, everyone sound asleep.

As I sat down to watch the sun rise, I felt a changing in my heart.
An immense tugging at my heart.
This love I had never known before was beginning to weave it's way in through the years and places unknown.

I opened my Bible, read some verses and when I turned around the leader I had rode with was there.
She sat down with me, prayed with me, and it was then...

that I was captured by grace and the immense love Christ had for me.
Through each nail pounded,
Through ripped flesh and a crown of thorns, 
God reached into my heart and filled it with love un-explainable.

The rising sun sprayed across the lake,
the light bouncing through the wall of windows into the basement.
The light shedding love and grace into the darkness,
Into a daughter who was searching for her King.

It is at that moment in time that the Love of Christ captured me fully.
Wanting to die to self that He might live in me.

I had accepted Christ 2 years before and was walking with Him, 
but it is that fall day...
with the sun shinning bright,
the peace of a morning,
the truth of His Word...

...that I was filled with Love unexplainable.

How have you felt the presence of God?

Have a Beautiful Day,

*This is just part of the story of Jesus chasing my heart.*

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