Monday, August 22, 2011

For the Love of Reading...

One of my fondest family memories is reading with my mom when I was little.

lovingly sketching out and coloring 3x5 blank index cards
 of shapes, colors, and the alphabet before school age was even near. 
Covering them in clear contact paper,
sitting down, and going through them with us.

letting my sister and I spend our summer days at the library.
Bringing home bags full of books.
Ones that she would sit down and read with us.

who on our summer vacation road trips,
would let us take a box of 40+ picture books to read on the way.
Always finding a place in the suburban for them to fit.

It is because of my mom that I learned the love of reading.
It is because of her that I still love reading today and teaching it to my students,
and by God's grace...
one day teaching my own children to read they way she taught me.

From via Simply Created by Cole on Pinterest

Thank You Mom,
for the gift that lasts a lifetime and 
for the beautiful memories of time spent with you that I'll keep forever.
Love Your Daughter,

What is one of your fondest memories?
Do you love to read? Have any good books to share?

Have a Beautiful Day,
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