Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Give Me Your Eyes...

What Would It Really Look Like...

 To always love as God so loves us...
Putting judgements, slander, and criticism aside for that which builds up in the faith?

What Would It Really Look Like... 

 To be the hands and feet of Jesus as naturally as our heart beats and the wind blows...
Stepping outside of our own schedules and comfort zones?

What Would It Really Look Like...

To invest all in that which lasts?
To lay down our cross and carry the cross of Christ every single day?

May we have Your eyes to see, 
wisdom to know, and strength to do.

Have a Beautiful Day,

{This picture in memory of a beautiful life.}


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  2. "To invest all in that which lasts"... beautiful, and something to pray about tonight. Thanks, Nicole. :)

  3. Thank You Christine! Thank you for your encouragement and prayers!!


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