Saturday, August 27, 2011

Older...{Five Minute Friday}

As a child,
I remember dreaming of the ages 10 (double-digits), 13, and 16.

In my early teens I couldn't wait until I was 18, 20, and 21.
Those ages seemed so elusive.

In my early 20's I never even thought of getting "older."
I anticipatedjoyfully, each birthday.

Then, somewhere around 27, things began to shift.

Somewhere in those years the "worlds' view" of where I should be in life,
and what I should be began to flood in...

...the opinions and uncensored comments of others
rode in on those flood waves...
Piercing the heart like freezing rain to the face.

"Why aren't you married yet?"
"You are going to be too old to have children."
"Don't you want children?"

...and many more comments far more hurtful than those.

With each pass of the calendar year, and each piercing comment,
I dreaded my birthday.
Wanting to go back...
turn the calendar back.
31, that is where I am now.
Maybe not where the "world" thinks I should be.
But, right in the loving arms of God...

A God much bigger,
more powerful,
all loving,

Living in and learning by, His Grace.
Choosing Hope.

Daily choosing to trust His will for my life.
Giving Him the desires of my heart.

A desire that one day,
in His time,
not the world's...

...I will be a wife and mom.

do you welcome it?

Joining Lisa-Jo, The Gypsy Mama for:

Writing for 5 minutes without worrying about editing or thinking if it is "right."
Remembering what it feels like to weave words together for 
the simple pleasure of how they sound.

By His Grace,


  1. Just catching up on posts, Nicole. This is beautiful, and vulnerable. Follow your own path, the one God has laid out for you. This reminds me of Aslan's scolding in the Narnia books- "I only tell you your own story...not anyone else's", or something of that nature. Jesus says something similar to Peter. YOU- God has a plan for YOU and it doesn't look like anyone else's. xoxo

  2. Thank You Christine! I almost did not hit publish on it. Oh how I love the Chronicles of Narnia. I had forgotten about that quote and it is perfect. Thank you so much for your encouraging heart!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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