Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I Love...{number 4}

Hi! {{waves}}
This week's What I Love is all because of my mom.
{Hi Mom!!! }

I recently ran some errands in "the city" a couple of weeks ago.
Our "city" is a  short  50 minutes away at the least.

I decided that I would just grab lunch in town instead of waiting to eat when I got home.
I am so glad I did.

Recently, my mom has been talking about our local produce stand that has a great, little restaurant inside.
I had been there before to get produce but never ordered.
Let me tell you...

It was good!
fresh from the field good
{he he, hence a produce shop}

It was a cute, quaint, little space that has so much charm.

I loved the hand painted produce signs.

The rustic beams and bright, paper lanterns added so much charm.

It was full of natural light.

The food, awesome and fresh.
They had a to-die-for corn and black bean salsa. 
Oh. My. Word.

I was going to buy some, but they were out.

I know the next time I go there, I'm going to have to take the person that told me about it.

What little places do you love to eat at in your town (or one you visit) that is off the beaten path?

Have a Lovely Day,

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  1. how fun!!

    well, our entire town is off the beaten path, we live in north dakota:)
    we really love a fun little restaurant "toasted frog" and our local chocolate shop is frequented by us too:)


  2. Hi Hannah! I can relate with the entire town being off the beaten path. ;) I've never been to North Dakota, by I L.O.V.E. the name of your fun little restaurant. If ever I am there, I will have to try it.
    Blessings, Cole

  3. There is an awesome pizza restaurant named "Miguels" that is not too far away from us, it is a hang out for rock climbers, and has a great selection of toppings! It is right by Red River Gorge area in Kentucky, and it feels like a vacation when we go there! Actually, we are planning on going for our Anniversary on Friday! Yay!


  4. Sounds wonderful Hannah! I wish you a Happy, Happy Anniversary!
    Blessings, Cole


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