Saturday, August 20, 2011

You won't want to miss this...

From via Simply Created by Cole on Pinterest

How has your week been?
This past week was jammed packed with in-services, the first days of school, lesson planning, appointments, etc.
Let's just say my yard and laundry is growing as I type this.

It was a busy week but full of blessings!
I am still getting into the routine of summer being over and balancing all that God has provided.
It is difficult at times {just take one look at my yard, snort}, but so good and God gives grace.
Thank you for your support and prayers of this community!
I love how God has brought us together and weaves His story through us.

I'm looking forward to this next week because...
I've got a great announcement!

You won't want to miss it!
Have a beautiful weekend and I'll see you on Monday!
By His Grace,

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