Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Barn Sale Fabulous...

This past weekend I traveled over 4 hours to...

...visit my Best-ie from college {her and her husband just had their third child, a boy!}
AND be a vendor in the Barn Sale!

WOO to the HOO!

I visited the Barn Sale last year as a shopper where I met some of the vendors...
Beki, Amy D., and Amy J.
They encouraged me to participate this fall and I am so glad that I did!

It was an early morning. 
Up at 5:00 a.m. and on the road shortly after 6:00.
Honestly, I only see 5:00 once in a day and it's not the a.m. ;)

It was so peaceful watching the sky turn its color as the sun peaked over the horizon.
I wish I would've stopped driving long enough to take a picture.
It made me think of the verses in the Old Testament of Jesus waking early,
rising up, and going out to pray.
Imagine the sunrises He must have saw!

I arrived shortly after 7a.m. and vendors were already there setting up.
A huge thank you to Celia of Lil' Miss Maya and her husband, and...
Josh and Beki for helping me with my canopy!

Here are some snapshots of the day!

...Lovely fields  surrounding us.

...My booth up and ready to go.
I love creating for others!

...Simply Created by Cole Journals.
I love using mine for my Bible journal.

...Simply Created by Cole Lovelies.
Baby bands, Headbands, Flower pins, necklaces, dessert stands.

...I finished setting up just as the sun was bursting through the trees.
Food Vendors setting up their goodies!

The Barn Sale had a lovely atmosphere with great vendors and shoppers alike.
There is an estimated 1100-1200 shoppers that came!
How fabulous is that?!

It was a lot of work preparing for it, but so worth it!
I didn't leave my booth often because it was just me.
Next time, I will definitely have someone there with me.
There were several friends and vendors I wanted to visit but didn't get to.
Next time for sure!

...Jodi was one of the vendors next to me who sold these fabulous, child capes.
It was so nice to meet you!

...Beki of The Rusted Chain was there selling her fabulous jewelry.
She is just as lovely in person as she is on her blog.
It was so great to see you Beki and to talk!

...Old and new friends and their booths.
 Amy D's booth was pretty awesome!

I love the orange, yellow,  and brown one up there in the corner.
It was great to meet you!

...It is pretty awesome how God is moving and working through this here blog.
She is so sweet!

It was neat to see how God opened up that conversation...
all from her fantastic headband!
{Can't wait to chat some more!}  

Just to keep it real...
Here is a shot of the aftermath of a handmade show... ;)

Many things to put away, clean up, and begin working on for the next time.
But all full of...

It was such a great experience participating in the Barn Sale.
I love sharing Hope and encouragement with others through Creating.
Whether it be through the written word, listening, or creating with my hands.
God is so good!

Thank You to Josh and Beki for all your help!
You are rock-stars!!

 I still have a few things left, if there is something you want, just leave a comment on this blog or you can reach me at...
Please be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you!

Look for a Simply Created by Cole giveaway coming soon!

By His Grace,


  1. Your booth was so cute, and it was SO good meeting you! We'll definitely have to keep in touch and chat more next time! :)

  2. love this post, cole! so amazing to meet you!

  3. Cole...

    Your pictures look fabulous! It was such a great day for the barn sale. Your booth did look great. I didn't realize you lived so far away from Hesston. I still need to answer your email. I'm slow right now.

  4. You're booth was great...I loved the notebooks/journals. Unfortunately we weren't in the market for much, as we knew we were headed to a birthday party for 4 family members and that we still had to buy 2 gifts {men, not interested in barn sale "stuff"}. I was my first visit to the sale...I'm only an hour away, but couldn't make it in the spring. We plan on coming again!

  5. I wore my necklace to school yesterday and got so many compliments!! I LOVE it! :)

  6. It was so good meeting you too Laura! Can't wait till the next time we can chat!

  7. Thank You Mindy! It was so awesome to meet you too! Good luck on your next shows!!! Let's keep in touch. :)

  8. Teresa, it was wonderful to meet you too! Neat how things work out and how we meet new friends! I look forward to checking out your blogs. :)

  9. Thank You Lisa! I am so glad you could make it to the Barn Sale!! How was the family Birthday party? I'll look forward to seeing you at the next Barn Sale! Do come and say Hi. Blessings, Cole

  10. Awww...thank you Amy! I'm so glad you like it!! Sorry I didn't make it over there sooner or for longer. It was hard keeping an eye on the booth by myself. I didn't want to leave it for too long. How has your week been? It would be great to chat again sometime. I come that way every now and then to visit friends! If any of the teachers would like a necklace I have some left. :0)


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