Monday, October 31, 2011

Becoming {A Relevant Story}

Searching, Seeking, Walking.
Listening to His still, small voice.
Heart beats, feet shuffles, move.
Uncertainty, hope, excitement,
I pause...
Change direction, 
heart beating faster,
open door,
soft couch,
I sit.

Arms open wide, heart open wide.
Searching, Seeking, Walking.
Becoming mold-able.
Becoming new.

Becoming who I am made to be in HIM.

Hello Dear friends,
I hope this Monday is gracing you with many blessings!
I am back from a wonderful, in{couraging}, Relevant weekend.
I can't wait to share more with you about it, it will come in its sweet time.
The above is something I wrote while there, experienced there. 
God is moving, shaping, and sifting my heart in great ways.
The story isn't over...
it is still Becoming.

It was so good to see the wonderful smiles and soft voices of my students this morning.
How was your day?

By His Grace,


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your heart and words. I am so thankful to have met you. With Joy, Carey

  2. It was wonderful to meet you at Relevant. You are such a kind-spirited woman. I really enjoyed the time I got to spend chatting with you.

    Hope you week is good.

  3. "Becoming" is the perfect word. I feel as if I may never fully reach that place of "being" but will simply keep traveling the road toward that end. Miss you, my friend!!

  4. Thank You Carey! It was so wonderful to meet you and to sit and talk. I loved hearing your journey. Let's catch up real soon! Hope all is going well friend!!


  5. Hi Stacy!
    It was so wonderful meeting and talking to you at Relevant too! You are a dear and kindred friend! How are you doing?

  6. Oh Christine, I miss you too friend! It was so wonderful finally meeting you in person!! Thank you for your words and time in prayer at Relevant!


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