Thursday, November 10, 2011


Soft breeze blows,
the scratchy bench beneath my legs. 
Strong, silent, pauses. 

The flood gates open, he begins to cry.
Deep, racking, sobs.
I grab his hand of years lived and lives touched.

A moment, a piece of time where peace comes.
A talk cherished forever.
Fast Forward...

New Earth, dirt blows.
I kneel, touch the cold stone sunk into the earth. 
A memory of that moment of peace comes to mind and I am reminded...



A memory forever in my heart.
And then...

The soft, breeze blows.

{Remembering my Grandpa and all those who have served.}

This post was written during Relevant
Where pen met paper and God met hearts.
And I am thankful.
By His Grace,

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