Monday, November 7, 2011

Remember {5 minute Friday}

I dig down deep, eyes focused, heart open, flooded by the truths voiced by others.
His messengers, His hands and feet.
Grace floods my soul and my eyes are open wide.

Open to the gifts He has poured out on His daughters.
Open to His heart for us.
Blessings in the life here and now and I

I remember, 
remember the the Becoming...

Becoming with eyes focused on Him.
Becoming to His will and this place where...

...pen meets paper...
...fingers to keyboard...

Becoming open, moldable.

Remembering the truths spoken at Relevant.
Remembering truths spoken to my heart.

"Where you are right now is exactly where God wants you to be. And it is good. It is gift."
---Ann Voskamp

"Your identity is in the whose you are, not the who you are."
---Ann Voskamp

"Be a voice in the wilderness...Be thunder in the dessert."
---Ann Voskamp

And it is with these words and many more that I remember...

The Journey is still Becoming...


Where does your journey lead you today?

By His Grace,

Joining Lisa-Jo and 5 minute Friday.


  1. I love the submission that vibrates in your thoughts. Learning more of that here, too...

  2. very, very cool. love the idea of "5 min Friday" thoughts.

  3. Thank You for your kind words. Submission is definitely learning. Learning to lay it all down at His beautiful feet. Have a beautiful day!

  4. Thank You Teresa! Have you done "Five Minute Friday" before? I love it. It allows me to write and not worry so much about the edits.


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