Thursday, November 10, 2011


I walk the room, watching them work diligently on their project.
Soft piano music playing in the background.

When out of the corner of my eye I see it...

Soft, white, fluffy flakes dancing down from the sky.
Dancing to the tune of the piano.
A hop here, a skip here, a twirl there.

Soft flakes that fall and warm my heart.
Soft flakes that fall and quench the earth of its drought.

Like Grace that flows from the Father.
So do these flakes dance into my heart.

Like the white, bright truth of the Father who holds us tight and loves us fast.
The Father who promises us He will never leave nor forsake us.
Who makes our sins as white as snow.

...His Words dance in my heart and my soul.

With each falling flake from the heavens above I am reminded of Him and His goodness.

My students race to the windows.
Awe and wonder stretching a mile wide.
Joy radiating of their faces and it is here...

...Here where I see, 
Where it is so clear,
the truth I have always known.

Even in the Unexpected,
the Unexpected of life,
God still longs for me to come to Him as his child.


And with that...
the flakes dance in the sky.


It was so wonderful to hear her speak at Relevant and learn how
to write for the Glory of God.
Thank You Lisa!

Praying that God's truth dances in your heart and
falls upon you like the soft, snow from the sky.

I am looking forward to another day of teaching, of putting pen to paper, and celebrating those who serve.
What are you looking forward to?

By His Grace,


  1. That is so beautiful, Cole. You have touched the longing and appreciation that I feel for God; that he is always with us no matter what; the pureness of his love; innocent eyes to all that he does ...

  2. Beautiful, Nicole! So glad to see you here, your heart, your words... how is it going? how are you doing getting back into the real life living? Thinking of you!

  3. This was beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. There are so many great Biblical analogies that can come from snow. It is so beautiful - the snow and the love of God.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Thank You LC Hunt! He is always with us. His love is pure. Thank you for sharing that here. Hope you have a beautiful day!

  6. Hi Kris! I miss you lots!! Getting back into is super busy and so hard to slow down and re-count all that was learned at Relevant. I want it to soak deep, which it has, just finding the words for it all. Have a beautiful day friend! It was great to catch up this last Saturday. Too bad we couldn't meet and go for coffee. Maybe, someday, soon! ;)

  7. Thank you for your kinds words and for stopping!

  8. Thank You Jendi! You have inspired me to look more closely at that. Especially with the season upon us. Have a wonderful day and weekend too!

  9. Snow, what a wonderful thing! I never had the chance to see it in my life and hope to see it one day <3

    You post was beautiful, thank you for the share <3

  10. This is beautiful! I love how you flowed from snow to grace. I used to teach school. I remember watching the snow start to fall out my classroom windows.


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