Tuesday, December 6, 2011


The cold morning permeates my skin.
I pull the collar of my bright pink, fleece, jacket higher...
thankful for the under armor below.

I check the headband around my ears. 
Good there.
 The fleece pants still blocking out this bitter cold.

With each check of the counter on my phone,
my fingers get a taste of the coldness.
The thin gloves covering but not protecting.

The stars shine bright, so clear, so close.
With each step we take, 
the cold, dirt road below cracks.

We walk.
We run.
We walk.
We run.

Over and over until the counter beeps stop.

It is then she says,...
"I am so glad you are doing this with me, with us. I wouldn't be motivated if not."

And it is there in the TIRED, wee, early morning hours 
in my own Tiredness,

I hear God clearly....


Will you join me on this race, this training? 
Not only physically but spiritually?

This is a short series beginning with a run,
a run that leads me to His truth.

Joining Lisa-Jo, Ann Voskamp, and others today.
Writing without edits and counting gifts.

* Warm fleece to protect against bitter cold.
*Women/friends who are joining me in this "race."
*Black sky, stars shine so bright.
*Hearing His voice.
*Running water and hot showers.

By His Grace,

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