Saturday, January 28, 2012

Let the Beauty...

"Let the Beauty We Love Be What We Do"

It is with Joy that I am excited to share with you some news!

God has been moving and working here in this space and in my heart. Placing deep within the desire to share Hope with you, Hope for your day.

A place where all women can come and share their journey.
Regardless of what chapter of life you are in. 

He has created us for fellowship with one another.
And, on Monday, January 30th we will have a feature guest blogger here at 
Simply Created by Cole. 

A friend of mine, a Sister-in-Christ,
sharing the words God has placed on heart.

Would you please help in spreading the word?
By His Grace,

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Thank You for stopping by Simply Created by Cole. I love this space for conversation and community. Won't you join us on this journey?!{Please keep this space honoring to God and to those who visit, thank you.} Love, Cole

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