Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paint the Black Night Bright

Colors red and blue paint the black night bright.
Rhythmic dancing of beams calls me in, eyes unable to look away.
Swift, graceful shadows of those long expected dance in and out of the light.
Movements with a purpose, a reason.
Movements not lost on me.
Here, now, in this hurried, fast paced, way of life,
I am thankful...
Thankful for the phones connecting the hurting to those with wisdom to heal.
Thankful for 140 character that light the prayer chain on fire.
Thankful for God's Word, the Body of Christ.
Connected in this...
...the hurried, fast paced life.
Counting all as Gift.
* The Daily Verse.
* Gator driving in a field.
* Helping my sister in one of her elements-photography.
* Crazy, fast rides in a field, my sister and I laughing like days past.
* Honor of serving our Veteran's.
* A dad who continues to heal.
* The smile from a friend.
* Medicine to care for a cold.
* Words found to bring insight and new direction. 
What are you thankful for today?
By His Grace,

Joining Ann and others for Multitudes on Mondays

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