Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{Perspective} Five Minute Friday

Hello Friends!
It has been so long since I have stepped into this space that
 I am still figuring out this new Blogger. 

Many changes have happened, are happening, could be happening soon.
I want to share all with you, but some I need to keep near to my heart.

I've been taking mobile pictures and thought of sharing with you a collage of daily life these past few months, but what my heart is truly desiring are words.

Words of life.
Words that bring hope.
 Words that give you a glimpse of our Heavenly Father.

So, for today, We are going to join The Gypsy Mama and others for last week's Five Minute Friday prompt. Writing without edits for 5 minutes.

This week's word...
His love never fails and He never leaves me.
I try to make sense of it, 
wanting to know how this moment, this gift given will turn out. 
But this...
I cannot.

So, I give thanks for today.
This moment.
This gift.

I can only take risks, step out in faith, hope.
Knowing, trusting, in whatever HIS plan may be.
For this moment.
For this time.

 I desire to be filled with HIM, HIM above.

Take it day-by-day I'm told.
Enjoy each day for what it is.
It has been long since I have let this heart of mine go to this place.
This place of goodness in the gift.

When I can't see what is to come,
in my heart,
I remember the perspective that is...

His Love never fails and He never leaves me.

By His Grace,

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