Thursday, July 26, 2012


I hear Him in you.
Friends who speak truth and love covered in grace.
 Words of grace that flow from their hearts to mine. 

Words from our Father that speak ever so softly, ever so gently.
Words that are truth and remind me,
"He is who He says He is."

They are words that show God's answers are bigger than my prayers,
bigger than the dreams in my heart,
bigger than the biggest hurts of late.

Words that correct, heal, and speak love all at the same time. 
Words from a Father in Heaven who loves me too much not to speak.

Quietly, slipping back into this community of sharing words, sharing friendships, and sharing the Hope of God.

It has been way too long. 

How I have missed this community.

By His Grace and Hope,

Nicole Marie


  1. Well, I'm here for the first time, but I'll say it anyway. Glad to have you back! :)

  2. Thank You Tereasa! So kind of you. Welcome to this community!!

    For Him,

  3. "He is who He says He is..." Oh friend. That deserves to be written in lipstick on my bathroom mirror...

    Father, be everything Nicole Marie is not today. Comfort her heart. Whisper love into her ear. Heal her, Lord. Soothe her hurts.....Thank you Abba. For being everything You say You are and more...

  4. Love that idea. I might have to go buys some. :)

    Thank you, thank you friend for your prayers over me. It blesses my heart more than you know. Joining you in that prayer.



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