Friday, August 3, 2012

Sitting here in this...

Clearing my head, for five minutes of free writing
 without worrying about getting it right.
This week's prompt chosen by Lisa-Jo: Here
And, go...

Sitting here in this coffee shop and wondering, do I share the raw truths of my heart today?
Do I let them go, here in this space?
Hoping that someone may find Hope and Grace in them, through them.
So here I go...

If love never fails, why is it so hard?
How do couples, two people, get past the past hurts, fears, and percieved societal rules
to actually be free to love one another.

And if they aren't in that place yet.
How do they get free enough from their own selfish self to truly learn about and
grow with another to see if it's worth pursing?

How do you get past the hard? 
The own ideas each of you have brought to this place, 
to learn the true heart of the other?

What would happen if you didn't listen to,
forgot all of society rules,
 and movie magic?

And instead came real, 
stayed real, 
and were honest.

Not quitting when it got tough or confusing but pushing through to the heart.
To dare to take a risk, a leap, to fly.

Sitting here in this coffee shop, a blessed friend, encourages me...
share those words,
wait for those words,
that is what God wants.
That is what you want.

...Wait for God's best she says...


By His Grace and for His Glory,
Nicole Marie

Five Minute Friday


  1. Oh my goodness...this is WONDERFUL! beautiful transparent writing. Touched my heart this morning. Most of us are trying "to get past the hard" but few of us are willing to be real, be vulnerable, yet this is what it takes for our journey as well as for from 5MF...

  2. Thank you Sondie. I am glad that the words spoke to your heart. They were very hard for me to write, but came from a very real place, at a very real time. Let's keep that journey going! Blessings!


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