Monday, September 24, 2012

Getting back to...

...penning words of encouragement that
occupy a little bit of space in that mail bag to...

in-turn, occupy the heart spaces of another.

These past few weeks have a been a wonderful reminder of how the words of
another can so greatly uplift, encourage, and put salve over our weary and torn hearts.

I have been so greatly blessed by the actions and words of others here on-line 
and in the paths I walk each day!

A kind act in the gift of a watermelon.
The handmade card in the mail.
The words scrolled across the twitter feed and straight into my heart.

I've decided...

I'm getting back to sending words of encouragement,
little notes dropped into the slot of our quaint post office,
to travel the miles and sometimes entire states to those I love.

It is something I used to do... all the time.
Without hesitation.
Full of love.

That is why I was so excited when Dayspring sent me a pack of their 

They are full of inspiration, encouragement, and they are cute!
This being my favorite one...

I've decided that I'm going to send these cards out to those 
who have encouraged me through this change,
and to those who may need encouraging.

These cards truly are...
salve for the heart and soul.

By His Grace,

Nicole Marie

* Disclosure: Dayspring provided me with a free pack of Redeemed All Occasion Cards. The opinions are solely mine, and I sure do love them!

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  1. Those cards a beautiful! The written word is my love language so I LOVE getting cards filled with encouragement. What a wonderful gift you will be giving those you send them to. Blessings!


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